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About Sundaban

Tranuility coupled with wilderness.

The name Sundarban was derived from the ‘Sundari’ trees, whereas the word ‘Ban’ means jungle. The trees were and are still found in thick growths in the Indo-Bangladesh Delta region. However, the entire area is spotted with the dense vegetation of the Mangrove forests. The most unique feature of the Mangrove trees is their breathing roots. On a map of India you would easily spot the delta right at the head of the Bay of Bengal. Sundarban sits there like a crown. The area is criss-crossed with multiple inlets of water. The river Matla drains into the the Bay of Bengal. Amidst such geographical features is located the Sundarbans. Its untouched and virgin beauty succeeds in attracting tourists from across the globe.

It is like a mysterious island which is the haunt of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers. Plus there is an variety of fauna which inludes the huge Asian alligators. These predators are no doubt ferocious yet they increase the natural beauty of the Sundarbans. Though Sundarban has been one of the worst hit places during a deluge or cyclone, yet Mother Nature has always restored its tranquility and beauty. It is a favourite tourist spot fit for avisit,trips or educational excursions.

With our Sundarban Touryou can now spend your time on the voyage across the serene waters and get a firsthand experience of exclusive natural beauty. See the sunset on the confluence of the Matla river and the Bay of Bengal, capture the wildlife in your lenses and breathe in the fresh air. Above all enjoy the exotic locations listed on our Sundarban Trip.

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Why Choose Us

Exotic location, in every direction

Rely on us for our trusted and dedicated services over years.

  • Variety of Packages

    We have handpicked the Sundarban tour packages so that they suit everyone’s taste and choice. Whether you come with your family or friends, come alone or in a group you will be enthralled by the location. It is our assurance that you will enjoy to the fullest. Also come and enjoy with your beloved amidst the romantic atmosphere.

  • Quality Services

    Good food, grand stay and houseboat – all these will be served with our warm reception and awesome services. Once you book your spot with us, we take full responsibility to make your stay a memorable one. Our staff will always be at your service no matter what time of the day it is. You can also ask for a customised Sundarban tour package.

  • Experienced Travel Guide

    It will be an extraordinary and exotic tour. You will not only tour Sundarban but will also learn some unknown facts about the entire area. Our knowledgeable tour guide will impart all that you need to know and learn about the Sundarns. We also recommend our dear travellers to read about Sundarbans as it will indeed excite you. Our guide is very friendly and helpful so you can ask for any assistance.

  • Reasonable Package Rates

    Our budget tripswill let you decide even a day in advance to make your holiday bookings. Yet we advise our patrons to make pre-bookings in order to avoid any last minute hassle. The package rates are made affordable keeping in mind your budgets. You can also book the luxury tour packages.

  • Our Own Houseboats

    We take pride in saying that our Houseboat bookingservice is something that you cannot say a ‘No’ to. It will indeed be a once in a lifetime experience to spend the nights on the houseboat amidst the wilderness. At the same time you can also book AC or Non-AC rooms in the hotels.

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Special Attractions and Activities

Fun, Frolic And More

A trip full of adventure and exotic locations

  • Accommodation and Lodging

    You can put up in the hotels in Sundarban arranged by us. There are both AC and Non-AC rooms in the hotels. The rooms can be arranged for single, double, triple and group accommodations.

  • Special menu

    Enjoy the local cuisine and pamper your taste buds. Get the taste of Bengali food or order from the range of continental, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines.

  • Transport

    We will provide car services to and fro Sundarban. If you arrive at the airport then we will receive you from there and take you for the trip.

  • Safety

    You can trust us with your security and safety. The hotels are booked at convenient and safe locations. You will have a happy stay and enjoy without worrying about any problems.

  • Sight-seeing

    You will visit some of the best tourist spots in the area. While you enjoy yourself on the launch, be mesmerised by the natural beauty of the Sundarban National Park and tiger sanctuaries.

  • Our own houseboat service

    the icing on the cake is our houseboat accommodation. You can spend the night on the houseboat and experience a great stay.

  • Local folk dance

    The local folk dance is a heritage of the local culture. The music that accompanies the folk dance brings in a flavour of purity.

  • Bonfire/camp fire

    Dark nights and bonfires; nothing gets better than this. It will be a lovely moment when you will sit around the fire and warm up yourselves over some evening snacks. You are welcome to sing and dance with others as well.

  • Local village sight-seeing

    During your stay at the Sundarban, take a walk around the local village and interact with the localites. It is a typical rural scene which will surely give you an insight to their lifestyles.

  • Canopy walk

    Walk through a concrete pathway or bridge to enter the core area of the jungle, surrounded by green trees and bushes on both sides. It is pure and fresh. You will be enthralled by the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

  • Jungle trail

    Another tourist attraction of our Sundarban trip is the jungle trail. Take a safe walk in the dense jungle and plod through the muddy paths. This will be an extraordinary adventure for you all. Also enjoy the Sundarban jungle safari with our Sundarban tour operator.

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Tour Package Details

It is our promise to make your stay a memorable one. There are many tour packages to choose from
  • Customised packages
  • Fixed departures
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Group trips
  • School and college excursions
  • Budget trip packages

The details for these packages are provided in our itinerary section. Avail our 1 Night, 2 Days Sundarban packages or 2 Nights and 3 Days Sundarban packages.

So for the last minute booking and weekend getaway come and visit the mesmerising Sundarban.

You can also contact or Whatsapp us at +91 9830501679 for any queries. E-mail us at

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